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Dr. George M. Diekhoff

Regents' Professor
O'Donohoe Hall
Institution Degree Graduation Date
Texas Christian University MA and Ph.D.
Nebraska Wesleyan University BA
Employer Position Start Date End Date
Midwestern State University Professor and Chair, Dept. of Psychology 09/01/1977

Since 1975 I have authored or coauthored 44 conference papers and posters, published 76 journal articles, manuals, technical reports, and books, and directed 26 masters theses.

The following ten publications are representative of my work. 

Diekhoff, G. M. (1976). Effects of feedback in a forced-choice GSR detection task. Psychophysiology, 13, 22-26.

Diekhoff, G. M., Brown, P. J., and Dansereau, D. F. (1982). Development and assessment of a prose learning strategy training program based on network and depth-of-processing models. Journal of Experimental Education, 50, 180-184.

Diekhoff, G. M. (1982). Cognitive maps as a way of presenting the dimensions of comparison within the history of psychology. Teaching of Psychology, 9, 115-116.

Diekhoff, G. M. (1983). Relationship judgments in the evaluation of structural understanding. Journal of Educational Psychology, 75, 227-233.

Haines, V., Diekhoff, G. M., LaBeff, E. E., and Clark, R. E. (1986). College cheating: Immaturity, lack of commitment, and the neutralizing attitude. Research in Higher Education, 25, 342-354.

Diekhoff, G. M. (1988). An appraisal of adult literacy programs: Reading between the lines. Journal of Reading, 31, 624-630.

Diekhoff, G. M. (1992). Statistics for the Social and Behavioral Sciences: Univariate, Bivariate, and Multivariate. Dubuque, Iowa: Wm. C. Brown Publishers.

Diekhoff, G. M. (1996). Basic Statistics for the Social and Behavioral Sciences. Englewood Cliffs, NJ: Prentice-Hall.

Diekhoff, G. M., LaBeff, E. E., Clark, R. E.,  Williams, L. E., Francis, B., and Haines, V. J. (1996). College cheating: Ten years later. Research in Higher Education, 37, 487-502.

Diekhoff, G. M., Thompson, S., and Denney, R. (2006). A multidimensional scaling analysis of church climate. Journal of Psychology and Christianity, 25, 17-27.