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Dr. Jeff Stambaugh

(940) 397 4693
Dillard College of Business Administration

Other Positions

Dillard Center for Energy Management

Energy Mgmt. Center Director

Dillard College of Business Administration 233
(940) 397 4693

Associate Professor

Dillard College of Business Administration 233
(940) 397 4693
Institution Degree Graduation Date
Texas Tech University Ph.D., Management ( Entrepreneurship and Strategy) 2021
Golden Gate University M.S., Human Resource Management 1987
USAF Academy B.S., Aeronautical Engineering, 1981
Employer Position Start Date End Date
Texas Tech University Instructor 08/01/2005 06/01/2008
USAF USAF Officer 05/01/1981 09/01/2005

Refereed Articles 

Stambaugh, J., Zhang, Y., & DeGroot, T. (2013).  Labor Mobility and Hypercompetition: Another Challenge to Sustained Competitive Advantages?   Strategic Management Review, 7 (1), 64-81.  

Quinn Trank, C., Stambaugh, J., & Bemis, H. (2012).  Capturing Success: Engaging HR in the M&A Development Phase.   People & Strategy, 35 (3), 30-37.  

Stambaugh, J., Patterson, M. C., & Harmel, B. (2012).  Optimizing Start-Up Locations: A Zero-One Spreadsheet Model for Maximizing Potential Target Population in Contiguous Counties in South Carolina.   Business Management Dynamics, 1 (7), 1-11.  

Stambaugh, J., Yu, A., & Dubinsky, A. (2011).  Before the Attack: A Typology of Strategies for Competitive Aggressiveness.   Journal of Management Policy and Practice, 12 (1), 49-63.  

Stambaugh, J. E. & Quinn Trank, C. (2010).  Not So Simple: Integrating New Research into Textbooks.   Academy of Management Learning and Education Journal, 9 (4), 663-681.  

DeGroot, T., Stambaugh, J., & Owen, J. (2009).  An empirical examination of the use of a simulation in teaching Human Resource Management.   Journal of Human Resources Education, 3 (3), 1-12.  

Stambaugh, J. E. (1994).  JFACC: Key to Organizing Your Air Assets for Victory.   Parameters, 98-110.  

Refereed Proceedings 

Full Paper

Yu, A., Stambaugh, J. E., & Lumpkin, G. T. (2012).  'THE LIMITS OF AUTONOMY IN FAMILY BUSINESSES: THE IMPORTANCE OF CONTEXT.   United States Assocation for Small Business and Entrepreneurship Annual Meeting.  

Stambaugh, J., Lumpkin, G. T., Brigham, K., & Cogliser, C. (2009).  What Makes Some Firms More Competitively Aggressive Than Others: Evidence From the Banking Industry.   Academy of Management.  

Book Chapters 


Cogliser, C. & Stambaugh, J. (2008). A multi-level process view of new venture emergence: Impressive first steps toward a model. In Press, In Mumford, M D., Hunter, S. T., and Bedell-Ayers, K. E. (Eds.), Research in Multi-level Issues, Vol VII: Multi-Level Issues in Creativity and Innovation. Oxford, England:  Elsevier.