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Dr. Jeremy Duff

(940) 397 4865
Associate Professor
O'Donohoe Hall

Other Positions

Political Science

University Accreditation Liaison

O'Donohoe Hall 211
(940) 397 4865
Institution Degree Graduation Date
Michigan State University Ph.D. in Political Science 2008
Michigan State University Masters in Political Science 2004
Texas A&M University Bachelors of Science in Political Science 2002
Employer Position Start Date End Date
Midwestern State University Associate Professor of Political Science 08/01/2016
University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign Visiting Professor of Political Science 08/01/2008 06/01/2008
Midwestern State University Assistant Professor of Political Science 07/01/2008 08/01/2016

"The Effect of Political Advertising in Judicial Campaigns, 2000-2004."  2012. With Frederick S. Wood. The Journal of Political Science. Vol 40, 101-130.

"Rules to Live By: Agenda Control and the Partisan Use of Special Rules in the House." Congress and the Presidency, Volume 39, Issue 1, pgs. 28-50.  (With David W. Rohde)

“The Effects of Perceptions of Economic Inequality on Policy Preferences: Evidence from Michigan.” With Charles L. Ballard. Michigan Academician. (Forthcoming).