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Dr. Kashif Mahmud

(940) 397 4893
Assistant Professor
Pierce Hall


I am an Assistant Professor at Kimbell School of Geosciences and the primary investigator of the "Remote Sensing and Modeling" Lab at Midwestern State University. As a researcher, I describe myself as a modeler and remote sensing expert with both hydrogeology and terrestrial carbon cycle background. I love coding and am passionate about research. I apply a diversity of approaches for the characterization of complex environmental systems. I perform intensive research and analyzed information about the complex hydrogeological behavior of aquifers including heterogeneity, uncertainty, connectivity, flow, and transport processes. 

I am very enthusiastic to see the data assimilation approach I developed in collaboration with other colleagues from Western Sydney University Australia being applied to other plant manipulative experiments to untangle the impacts of all physiological and biochemical processes on plant growth due to various environmental changes. This would help us to understand how forest ecosystems respond to climate change and human activities.

I am also interested to understand the response of the carbon cycle and terrestrial ecosystems to climate and environmental changes. In a recent project, I use data assimilation methods to constrain global carbon cycle sink projections and model carbon-climate feedback. I am also performing geospatial modeling using both satellite and airborne remote sensing data to understand topographic and environmental drivers of vegetation distribution.

I plan to use unmanned aircraft system (UAS) remote sensing data to map earth surface features to characterize its properties or understand the changes in ecosystems, hydrology, forestry, and so on. The work would address scientific questions using remote sensing data targeting the dynamics of earth systems due to unexpected disturbances or gradual changes. Moreover, I focus on solving various challenges in remote sensing data by applying stochastic image analysis and geostatistical methods.

Join the Lab

I am looking for undergraduate/graduate students to work on projects with funding. If you are interested in working with me, please send me an email with your CV and research interests. For students interested in M.Sc. in Environmental Sciences/Geosciences, I have several potential projects to work on. More information about potential projects and funding sources is on my Webpage.

More details: WebpageGoogle ScholarResearchGate

Key Research Facility: Remote sensing and modeling Lab

Institution Degree Graduation Date
University of New South Wales, Sydney Australia Ph.D. 2015
Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology, Dhaka Bangladesh M.Sc. 2010
Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology, Dhaka Bangladesh B.Sc. 2007
Employer Position Start Date End Date
Indiana University Research Scientist 09/04/2019 08/30/2022
Western Sydney University Australia Postdoctoral Research Fellow 02/21/2016 06/30/2019
Islamic University of Technology Bangladesh Assistant Professor 12/12/2009 02/28/2012
Stamford University Bangladesh Lecturer 07/28/2007 12/12/2009

See either my Google Scholar or Researchgate profile for the latest publications.