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Dr. Mike Patterson

(940) 397 4280
Dillard College of Business Administration


An alumni of Midwestern State University, Dr. Mike Patterson received his Bachelors of Business Administration, with a major in Management Science. He completed a Masters of Business Administration before earning his doctorate from the University of North Texas where he studied industrial management and computer science.

His primary research interests include mathematics and spreadsheet optimization models. Dr. Patterson often develops models of famous mathematical problems with a goal of optimization. His research has appeared in the Journal of Applied Quantitative MethodsBusiness Management DynamicsInternational Journal of TechnologyPolicy and ManagementJournal of Education for BusinessIndustrial ManagementInternational Journal of Production ResearchProduction and Inventory Management Journal, the Journal of Purchasing and Materials Management and the International Journal of Management.

Dr. Patterson teaches Operations Management and Quantitative Methods. He teaches his students how to analyze data using management philosophies, formulas and software to make decisions in business. The skills acquired in Dr. Patterson's classes prepare students to excel in the workplace. His students look back and thank him for setting high standards to improve academic performance.

Institution Degree Graduation Date
University of North Texas Ph.D., Industrial Management 1978
Midwestern State University M.B.A., Business Administration 1976
Midwestern State University B.B.A., Management Science 1973
Employer Position Start Date End Date
Midwestern State University Professor of Management 05/11/1977
North Texas State University Teaching Fellow 05/11/1976 05/11/1977
Siemens Allis Corp. Senior Systems Analyst 05/11/1974 05/11/1976
Arthur Andersen Systems Analyst 05/11/1973 05/11/1974

Refereed Articles 

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Refereed Proceedings 

Full Paper

Patterson, M. & Bimmerle, C. (1980). The Impact of Industrialization of the Quality of Life.  National Academy of Management

Patterson, M. & Bimmerle, C. (1979). The Impact of Manufacturing on Selected Aspects of the Economy of Wichita Falls.  Association of American Geographers


Patterson, M. C. (1986). Management Science Programs for the IBM Personal Computer. Dubuque Iow: Kendall Hunt. 

Presentation of Non-Refereed Papers 


Harmel, B. & Patterson, M. C. (2006, February). Understanding Corporate Governance: An Interdisciplinary Approach to Teaching Ethics. American Society of Business and Behavioral Sciences, Las Vegas, Nevada.

Research Reports 

2009: Harmel, B. & Patterson, M., Decision Support Tool for Managing On-Farm Organic and Inorganic Nutrients for Sustainability., submitted to .

Commercial Software Developed 

Software Revision

2009: Management Science Programs for the IBM Personal Computer. Third Edition 2000

Revised & Updated for 32 bit systems summer 2009