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Dr. Phimmasone Rattanasengchanh

(940) 397 4899
Assistant Professor
O'Donohoe Hall
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Forthcoming Article

  • “Socialism with Chinese Characteristics and Equitable Development: A Look at the Thoughts of Cheng Enfu,” co-author Isaac Christiansen, in collection China's Model and Theory: A Study of Cheng Enfu's Academic Thoughts

Forthcoming Article

  • “Diverging ideas in a tragic effort for the neutrality of Laos,” edited by Edward Corse and Marta García Cabrera (eds.), Propaganda and Neutrality: global case studies in the 20th Century (London and New York: Bloomsbury, forthcoming)

Forthcoming Article

o   â€œU.S.-Thai Relations and the Complications of Democracy” Pacific Historical Review

ORCA Final Report: United States Involvement with the Hmong People during the Vietnam War in Laos

Brigham Young University Journal of Undergraduate Research, 2010, Volume 15, College of Family, Home & Social Sciences section (alphabetical order),

Book Review of William J. Rust’s Before the Quagmire

PASSPORT (The Society for Historians of American Foreign Relations Review) Vol. 46, No. 2, September 2015, pg. 40-41.

U.S.-Thai Public Diplomacy: The Beginnings of a Military-Monarchical-Anti-Communist State, 1957-1963

Journal of American-East Asian Relations, Vol. 23, 2016, p. 50-82.

The Role of Preah Vihear in Hun Sen’s Nationalism Politics, 2008-2013

Journal of Current Southeast Asian Affairs, Vol. 36, No. 3, 2017, pg. 1-27.

“The United States’ Complicated Relationship with Thailand and Democracy”

Thai Data Points: Timely Political Analysis Grounded in Theory and Empirics, April 12, 2019, Editors: Associate Professor Dr. Joel Selway (Brigham Young University) and Professor Dr. Allen Hicken (University of Michigan).