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Dr. Randal L. Hallford

(940) 397 4831
Associate Professor
Institution Degree Graduation Date
Oklahoma State University. Stillwater, Oklahoma. Ph.D. Chemistry, 2003
Employer Position Start Date End Date
Midwestern State University Associate Professor, Department of Chemistry 07/01/2010
Midwestern State University Assistant Professor, Department of Chemistry 08/17/2003 04/07/2009
Cowley College, Arkansas City, KS Professor of Physics and Chemistry
OSU Post Doctoral Research Associate

Research Program

As co-director of the Non-Linear Sciences Research Group (NLSRG), the emphasis of research is on the chemistry and biophysics of natural phenomena, particularly as it applies failure in biological systems.

Physical chemistry research is computational and collaborative which leads the researching student to accomplished skills in super-computing and deeper intuition concerning chemical properties and reactivity.

Book and Refereed Journal Publications

Book Publications

  • Hallford, Randal L., Ph.D. Structure, Symmetry and Luminescence of Anionic Copper(I), Silver(I), and Gold(I) Halide Complexes. VDM, Muller, Pub. Saarbrücken, Germany. 2009.
  • Hallford, Randal L., Ph.D. The Dynamic Nature of God, a Study Based on the Ancient Hebrew Language. 2008 pod.

Refereed Journal Publications


  • Hallford, Randal L., Nemchen-Rueda, Ylelena, Sharma, Preet. Types of Potentials in Mitotic Spindles. Biochemistry and Biophysics Reports. (27) September 2021, 101076
  • Hunter Adamsa*, Mark Southardb, Sam Reedera, Frances Buerkensc, Randal Hallfordd, Keisuke Ikehatae, Daniel Nixf Customer Complaints Eliminated: T&O Compound Detection and Mitigation in Surface and Drinking Waters. J. AWWA July/August 2021.
  • Hallford, Randal L., Sharma, Preet. Non-Hermitian Hamiltonian Treatment of the Stark Effect in Quantum Mechanics J. Emerging Science Journal of Bioinformatics and Proteomics. Doi: 10.28991/esj-2020-01242 (4), 6. December 2020.
  • Hallford, Randal L., Sharma, Preet, Smoot, Bailey, Capotosto, Salvatore, Utely, Nicholas, Olaya, Michael. The Non-Equilibrium Statistical Physics of Microbes. J. Bioinfo.Proteom. Img. Anal. 4 (1) 14-18. 2019.
  • Hallford, Randal L., Capotosto, Salvatore. Smoot, Bailey, Sharma, Preet. Entropy Production, Entropy Generation and Fokker-Planck Equations for Cancer Cell Growth. Physics. (1) June 2019. DOI: 10.3390/physics1010014  
  • Hallford, R.L., Bennazha, J., El Maadi, A., El Omari, M., Boukhari, A. Synthesis Synthesis, Single Crystal Structure, and Ionic Conductivity of Na1.96Ca0.96Eu0.04P2O7. Oklahoma Academy of Science (88) Mar 2008  ISSN: 0078-43
  • Hallford, R.L.,Tran, K., Berlin, D.K., Eastman, M.A., Yu, V.K., Praliev, K.D. Synthesis, Stereochemical, and Conformational Studies of Selected 3,7-Diheterabicyclo[3.3.1]nonan-9-ol and 7-Benzyl-9-(4-N,N’-Dimethylaminophenyl)-3-thia-7-aza-bicyclo[3.3.1]nonan-9-ol. Phosphorous, Sulfur, and Silicon. (2007)
  • Hallford, R.L.,Tran, K., Berlin, D.K., Holt, E.M., Eastman, M.A., Yu, V.K., Praliev, K.D. Synthesis and Conformational Studies of Tertiary Alcohols Derived From Tetrahydro-4H-Pyran-4-one and Tetrahydropyran-4-one. Phosphorous, Sulfur, and Silicon. (2005)
  • Hallford, Randal L. Anionic Copper(I), Silver(I), and Gold(I) Halide Complexes: Structure, Symmetry, and Luminescence., Thesis, Oklahoma State University. (2003)
  • Hallford, R.L. Analysis of Thermal Motion of Hydrogen in X-ray Crystallography., Journal of Applied Mathematics, (1995).
  • Hallford Randal L. An X-ray Crystallographic Study of Hydrogen Atom Thermal Motion in Imidazole. Thesis, Pittsburgh State University. (1994)
  • Hallford, R.L.,Park, H., Minick, D., Draganjac, M., Cordes, A.W., Eggleton, G. The Reaction of CpRu(PPh3) with Organic Thiols., Inorganica Chemica Acta, 203 195 (1993).
  • Hallford, Randal;Thomas, K. R. Justin; Chandrasekhar, Vadapalli; Scott, Syrona R.; Cordes, A. Wallace. Synthesis and Spectroscopy of mono- and di-nuclear copper complexes of pyrazoleylcyclotriphosphazine. Crystal structure of an unusual cyclotriphosphazene-bridged dicopper complex. Dalton Transactions 17 2589-94 (1993).
  • Hallford, Randal;Thomas, K. R. Justin; Chandrasekhar, V.; Pal, Parthasarathy; Scott, Syrona R.; Cordes, A. W. Unusual tridentate N3 capping coordination behavior of hexakis(3,​5-​dimethylpyrazolyl)​cyclotriphosphazene, N3P3(3,​5-​Me2Pz)​6. Inorganic Chemistry  32(5), 606-11 (1993)
  • Hallford, R.L.,Cordes, A.W., Glarum, S.H., Haddon, R.C., Hicks, R.G., Kennepohl, D.K., Oakley, R.T., Palstra, T.M., Scott, S.R. Preparation and Solid State Determination of 1,2,3,5-Diselenadiazoyl [HCN2 Se2]., J. Chem. Soc. Comm., 17 1265 (1992).
  • Hallford, R.L.,Chivers, T., Hilts, R.W., Krouse, I.H., Cordes, A.W., Scott, S.R. Preparation and 31P NMR Characterization of N-bonded Complexes of Platinum(II) with a Phosphadithiatriazine: X-ray Structure of trans-PtCl2 (PEt3 )( 1-N-Ph2 PS2 N3). J. Canad. Chem. 70 2602 (1992).