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Dr. William B. Cook

Professor Emeritus
Bolin Hall
Institution Degree Graduation Date
University of Missouri-Columbia Ph.D., Biological Sciences 1988
Central Washington University M.S., Biology 1984
University of Washington B.S., cum laude, Forest Resources 1977
Employer Position Start Date End Date
Midwestern State University Professor and Chair, Department of Biology 09/01/2005
Midwestern State University Associate Professor and Chair, Department of Biology 09/01/1999 08/31/2005
Midwestern State University Assistant Professor, Department of Biology 09/01/1991 08/31/1999
University of Missouri-Columbia National Science Foundation Post-doctoral Research Fellow in Plant Biology 05/01/1989 08/01/1991
University of Missouri-Columbia Post-doctoral Research Associate 10/01/1988 04/30/1989
University of Missouri-Columbia USDA National Needs Graduate Fellow 08/01/1985 09/30/1988
Northcentral Washington Fieldman's Apple Maturity Program Laboratory Director 08/01/1983 07/31/1985
Central Washington University Graduate Staff Assistant, Biology Department 09/01/1981 07/31/1983

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