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Dr. Grace Guoying Zhang

(940) 397 4693
Professor of Management Information Systems
Dillard College of Business Administration


Guoying "Grace" Zhang, Ph.D., is a Management Information Systems professor in the Dillard College of Business. She teaches undergraduate courses in Business Programming Language and Web Application Development. At the graduate level, Dr. Zhang teaches the core MIS course of IT Management. Not only does Dr. Zhang teach her students about information systems, but she also encourages her students to push ahead when times are hard. She tells her students to embrace uncertainty, keep a good attitude and make the best of every situation.

When working on her Ph.D. of Information Systems at the University of Washington, she also minored in Operations Management and Economics. Before starting her Ph.D., Dr. Zhang worked for Motorola Great China Inc. as a Business and Operations Analyst in Shanghai, China. 

Originally from Shanghai, she obtained a Bachelor of Computer Science and Master of Business Administration from Shanghai Jiao Tong University. Her current research interests include technology adoption and utilization in organizations, organizational innovation, and IT's impact on firm performance. 

High academic achievements earned the Dillard College of Business accreditation with the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB) in 2008, demonstrating that Dillard College is among the top business colleges. Dr. Zhang has been instrumental in earning this accreditation as the Chair of the Assurance of Learning Committee. She is also the Chair of the Online Learning Committee (taskforce) and Beta Gamma Sigma's faculty sponsor, the prestigious national honor society. 

Dr. Zhang has won MSU university research grants twice, the Dillard college research award and the Dillard college teaching award. When she is not working on her course materials or advising students, she loves reading novels, streaming videos, and walking in her neighborhood.

Institution Degree Graduation Date
University of Washington PhD, Information Systems (Major), Operations Management (Minor) 2007
Shanghai Jiao Tong University M.S. Management Science 2000
Shanghai Jiao Tong University B.E., Computer Science 1997
Employer Position Start Date End Date
Midwestern State University Professor of Management Information Systems 08/01/2019
Midwestern State University Associate Professor of Management Information Systems 08/01/2013 07/31/2019
Midwestern State University Assistant Professor of Management Information Systems 08/01/2007 07/31/2013
Motorola China Business Analyst 02/01/2000 09/01/2002

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Book Chapters 

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