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Jonathon D. Quam

(940) 397 4909
Associate Professor
Fain Fine Arts Center


Jonathon Quam, MFA is an associate professor of documentary film production at Midwestern State University. He earned his Master of Fine Arts degree in documentary production and theory from the University of North Texas. Much of his professional work has been focused on the human side of society's most difficult social issues, from the caring environments of LGBTQ spaces in the heart of Texas to biographical looks into child abuse. Much of his documentary work is long form documentation; spending years following stories to natural completion. These stories have highlighted the racial disparities of Madison, WI, disappearing towns in the southwest and now rural poverty more specifically. From his start to the present, ethical considerations have been a guiding force in his production style. 

Other Positions

Mass Communication

Director of Student Media

Fain Fine Arts Center D101
(940) 397 4909
Institution Degree Graduation Date
University of North Texas Master of Fine Arts 2012
University of Wisconsin - Stevens Point Bachelor of Arts 2007
Employer Position Start Date End Date
Stephen F. Austin State University Lecturer 08/01/2014 05/01/2015
University of North Texas Instructor of Record 01/01/2010 08/01/2012

Forward: Anger Into Action, Director, Producer, Sound Mixer. Madison, Wisconsin is a vibrant city; but it’s also a city of many contradictions. While many people believe it to be a post-racial city of opportunity for everyone; the fact is that black citizens in Madison fair worse than black citizens anywhere else in the country. This interactive documentary project follows a group of grass roots action leaders, a convict reentering society, and a young African-American child attending an almost all white school and exposes the reality of life for these individuals. Shot on HDSLRs and a Canon C300, this documentary will be finished in Summer 2016.

In Progress Screening Bright Ideas Conference, Spotlight Presentation, Texas, April 2015

Untitled Observational Cerebral Palsy Documentary, Producer, Editor, Sound Engineer. This observational documentary creates a portrait of a man who’s spent a lifetime with cerebral palsy. Every day is a victory for this small town Wisconsin man. Completion of this documentary expected in Summer 2015. 

Freedom Fighters, (Working Title), Sound Design. In the city of Dallas Texas, one wrongfully convicted but now exonerated death row inmate has made it his life goal to help other wrongfully convicted men and women find the justice they deserve. With the help other exonerated men, he fights to reopen cases where the facts do not add up and the state has turned a blind eye. Directed by Stanford Professor, Jamie Meltzer. Completion of this documentary expected in Summer 2015.

Productions Completed:

Blood Brothers, Director, Writer, Editor. A personal documentary that explores the relationship of two young men who were abused as children (one sexually and one physically). The film tells the story of how the two men became brothers and how they overcame their pasts because of the love they have for each other. The film brings to life the fears and troubles the men went through as children while exploring how these pasts do not define the individuals. Shot on Canon 7D HDSLR.

AMS Pictures. Development Producer, Associate Producer, Research Analyst. Work in the development and production of programs that air on HGTV, Cooking Channel, Discovery, and Destination America. Responsibilities include research, scouting, scriptwriting, casting, scheduling, deliverables, and quality control of the finished product. November 2012 – June 2014.

Television Programs:

Reelz’s Epic Replicas

Destination America’s Road to Sturgis

Cooking Channel’s Eat The Street

HGTV’s You Live In What?

HGTV’s Amazing Water Homes

HGTV’s Cool Pools

HGTV’s Home Strange Home & 3 Associated Specials

True Tales 

Lumason, Director, Director of Photography, Editor. A multimedia project that examines the interaction between music and the moving image. The project uses a live video artist and a live music composer to create a unified audio-visual experience. The audio signal is used to manipulate the video signal and vice versa. If music levels adjust, so do the video levels. Shot on film and video, project completion is expected in Summer 2014.

Blood Brothers: Multimedia Performance, Director, Writer, Editor, Performer. This performance brings to life the story in Jonathon Quam’s documentary, Blood Brothers. Using multiple screens, live director/subject interaction, live projected cinematography, and live music composition, the production removes the barrier that exists between audience and subject in the traditional documentary form. Shot on Canon 7D HDSLR.

Angel, Sound Design. The toughest sports. A tougher woman. Former world-champion boxer Angelica “Angel” Martinez reflects on her personal history of being bullied for being a lesbian and how it has shaped who she is today. Shot on 7D, this film was completed in May 2012.

The Whale, Sound Design. A short, poetic, allegorical piece that explores the mind of a child dealing with an abusive father and the suicide of his mother. The child escapes life through the world he builds for himself. Shot on 16mm film, this project was completed in May 2011. 

The Cost of Silence, Director, Editor. A quiet and poetic documentary where a young man (the director: Jonathon Quam) searches for missing memories while he and his family confront the sexual abuse he endured in his childhood. The film captures what is said and shared between the young man and his family; but what is more important, it explores what is not said. Shot on HD video, the film was completed in May 2011.

Would Jesus Discriminate?, Director, Director of Photography, Editor. A thoughtful, short documentary which probes into the issue of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender individuals who have struggled with coming to terms about their sexuality and how it relates to their spirituality. Shot on HD video and completed in December 2009.

Golden Donna Visual Artist. Director, Editor, Engineer. Developed, directed, and completed visual pieces for Not Not Fun and 100% Silk recording artist, Golden Donna. Used at live mixed-media performances in promotion for record release. May 2012 – Present.