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Dr. Eunyoung Jang

Assistant Professor
Dillard College of Business Administration


Dr. Eunyoung Jang is an Assistant Professor of Marketing at the Dillard College of Business Administration at MSU Texas. She earned her Ph.D. in Marketing from Oklahoma State University. On a life mission to make a positive impact on people and society, Dr. Jang is a passionate teacher and researcher. She says successful marketing creates value in people's lives, as it serves consumers' needs and wants.

Before obtaining her Ph.D., Dr. Jang worked as a researcher at the Korean Female Entrepreneurs' Association. She supervised a nationwide statistics program about female-owned businesses. Inspired by her data analytic work experience, Dr. Jang strives to learn and teach data-driven marketing.

Dr. Jang's research interests lie in consumer well-being, social cognition, and branding. She was honored to receive a 2020 Mary Kay Dissertation Award from the Academy of Marketing Science, and she was a fellow of the 2019 AMA-Sheth consortium at New York University. She has served as a reviewer for peer-reviewed journals including, the Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science, European Journal of Marketing, Journal of Consumer Affairs, American Marketing Association conference, and Association for Consumer Research conference.

Outside work, she recharges herself by cooking, watching movies, and running marathons.

Institution Degree Graduation Date
Oklahoma State University Ph.D. 2021
Soongsil University, South Korea MBA 2013
Soongsil University, South Korea BA 2011
Employer Position Start Date End Date
Midwestern State University Assistant Professor of Marketing 08/01/2021
Korean Women Entrepreneurs Association Research Associate 04/01/2013 05/31/2014

Conference Proceedings

  • Banerjee, Pramit and Eunyoung Jang (2023), "The Effect of Social Isolation on Purchase Happiness," AMA Winter Academic Conference, Nashville, Feb 10-12.
  • Jang, Eunyoung and Pramit Banerjee (2022), "Do Experiential Purchases Make Lonely Consumers Feel Happy?” Society for Marketing Advances (SMA), Charlotte, NC, Nov 1st-4th
  • Jang, Eunyoung and Zachary G. Arens (2020), "Are Lonely Consumers Loyal Consumers?," Association for Consumer Research (ACR), Virtual Conference, Oct 1st-4th.
  • Jang, Eunyoung, Minjoo Kim, Ji Hoon Jhang, and Kelly Lee (2020), "God and Decision Delegation under Limit Situations," American Marketing Association (AMA), San Diego, USA, Feb 14th-16th.
  • Jang, Eunyoung (2019), "Brand Relationships of Lonely Consumers," The 28th Mittelstaedt Doctoral Symposium, Nebraska, USA, Mar 28th -30th


  • Jang, Eunyoung and Zachary Arens (forthcoming), "Compensating for Interpersonal Relationships with Brand Relationships: A Two-dimensional View," Journal of Business Research, 157 (
  • Choi, Jayoung and Eunyoung Jang (2016), "Dilemma of Unrestricted Gift Cards: The Effect of Restricted vs. Unrestricted Gift Cards on Choice Satisfaction and Happiness," Korean Journal of Consumer Studies, 27 (5), 277-304.
  • Choi, Jayoung, Soowon Lee, Chungseok Han and Eunyoung Jang (2012), "The Role of Chronic Regulatory Focus in Online Information Seeking Behavior: Focused on Product Review, the Number of Alternatives and Searching Depth," Korean Journal of Marketing Management Research, 17 (3), 1-24.