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Dr. Geoffrey Clegg

(940) 397 4931
Associate Professor
Bea Wood Hall


Dr. Clegg has been teaching courses in business, technical, and professional communication (BTPC) since 2008. He primarily teaches business writing, technical editing, and modern American grammar courses for MSU Texas since 2017.

His favorite band is Rocket From The Crypt.

Institution Degree Graduation Date
Texas A&M University-Commerce PhD in Rhetoric and Composition 2016
Northwestern State University Masters of English 2005
Northwestern State University Bachelors in History and English 2003
Employer Position Start Date End Date
MSU Texas Associate Professor and Writing Program Director 08/15/2022 12/16/2022
MSU Texas Assistant Professor of Business and Technical Writing 08/01/2017
Arkansas State Visiting Assistant Professor
The Pennsylvania State University Lecturer
Western Michigan University Assistant Professor

Research, Presentations, and Service

Book Chapters

  1. "Victimless Leather: Toward a New Materialist Ethics of Invention" in Reinviting (with) Theory in Rhetoric and Writing Studies: Essays in Honor of Sharon Crowley. Eds. Ryan Skinnell, Judy Holiday, Kendell Gerdes. Logan, UT: Utah State University Press. July 2019..
  2. "Sustainable Audiences: Navigating Literacies through Penn State's Sustaintability Project, Business Writing, and Community Outreach" in Writing, Democracy, and Activism: The Political Turn in the Trump Era. Eds. Deborah Mutnick, Jess Pauzeck, Steve Parks, Shannon Carter. Routledge. Aug. 2019.
  3. "Beyond Hearts and Minds: Posthumanism, Kairos, and Technical Communication in US Army Field Manual 3-24, Counterinsurgency" in Posthuman Praxis in Technical Communication. Eds. Kristen R. Moore & Daniel P. Richards. New York: Routledge. 2018.

Journal Articles (peer reviewed)

  1. "Programmatic Outcomes in Undergraduate Technical and Professional Communication Programs” w/ Lisa Meloncon, Jessica Laurer, Johanna Phelps. Submitted to Technical Communication Quarterly. 2022.
  2. Contributor: “Where We Are.” Composition Studies 47.1 (2019): 175-180.
  3. Jill Bradbury, Geoffrey Clegg, Stephanie L. Kerschbaum, Pamela Kincheloe, Tonya Stremlau. (2018). “Response to Carol L. Robinson, ‘Go Ask Alisoun: Geoffrey Chaucer and Deafland (deafness as authority)’. Literature Compass. 2018; e12503.   
  4. Geoffrey M. Clegg. (2018). Unheard Complaints: Integrating Captioning Into Business and Professional Communication Presentations. Business and Professional Communication Quarterly81(1), 100–122.
  5. Geoffrey Clegg. “Cicero’s Rhetorical Invention and Its Relationship to Modern Theory: How Rhetoric, Hermeneutics, and Externalism Contribute to Understanding Invention.” Louisiana English Journal 28 (2009): 26-29.

Book Reviews

  1. Rev. of Rhetoric Inc.: Ford’s Filmmaking and the Rise of Corporatism by Timothy Johnson. Community Literacy Journal, Winter 2023.  
  2. Rev. of Employment and Disability: Issues, Innovations, and Opportunities by Susanne Bruyere. Disability Studies Quarterly, March 2021.
  3. Rev. of Exploding Technical Communication: Workplace Literacy Hierarchies and Their Implications for Literacy Sponsorship by Dirk Remley. Programmatic Perspectives, Fall 2016.



  1. Facilitator. "Archiving for Life: Anticipating Histories to Preserve the Past and Craft Hopeful Futures." Conference on College Composition and Communications. Workshop. Chicago, IL. February 2023.
  2. Facilitator. “Mutality and Equity through Intergenerational Exchange.” Conference on College Composition and Communications. Workshop. Chicago, IL. March 2022.
  3. Facilitator. “Mind Mapping Across Cultural Rhetorics: Innovating Commonplaces for Intersectional Knowledge-Making.” Conference on College Composition and Communication. Workshop. Milwaukee, WI. March 2020.

National Conferences

  1. Why Are We Here? Refractive Visual Rhetorics 4 Social Justice. Conference on College Composition and Communication. Chicago, IL. March 2022. Virtual.
  2. Workplace Writing Special Interest Group. Conference on College Composition and Communication. Chicago, IL. March 2022. Virtual. 
  3. Labor Caucus Standing Group. Conference on College Composition and Communication. Chicago, IL. March 2022. Virtual. 
  4.  Roundtable on Technology in the Classroom. Association for Business Communication. Tampa, FL. October 2021. Virtual. 
  5. Workplace Writing Special Interest Group. Conference on College Composition and Communication. Virtual, March 2021. 
  6. Labor Caucus Standing Group. Conference on College Composition and Communication. Virtual, March 2021. 
  7. Outside the Business College: Non-Tenure Track, Tenure Track, and Adjunct Issues in Business Communication. Association of Business Communication. San Diego. October 28, 2020. 
  8. Using Programmatic Outcomes in TPC Programs More Effectively. Council for   Programs in Technical and Scientific Communication (CPTSC). West Chester, PA, October 2019. 
  9. Review and Discussion of First Workplace Writing SIG at the CCCC’s. Association of Business Communication. Detroit, MI, October 2019. 
  10. Workplace Writing Special Interest Group. Conference on College Composition and Communication. Special Interest Group proposal for business and professional writing scholars. Pittsburgh, PA, March 2019. 
  11. Uncovering Ethiopia’s Lost Rhetorical Heritage: Performance of Ethos in Zera Yacob’s Treatise. Conference on College Composition and Communication. Pittsburgh, PA, March 2019.
  12. Platform Capitalism and Coding Campus: Promises Unfilled. American Studies Association. Atlanta, GA, Nov. 2018. 
  13. Placing Writing Systems Scholarship within the English Studies Curriculum. South Atlantic MLA. San Antonio, TX, Oct. 2018. 
  14. Demagogue in Demand: Exploring Certainty and Truth in Jordan Peterson’s Dissent to Bill C-16. Rhetoric Society of America. Minneapolis, MN, May 2018.
  15. Always On the Boundaries: Community Engagement, Activism, and Labor Outside of the Classroom. Conference on College Composition and Communication. Labor Caucus Panel. Kansas City, MO, March 2018. 
  16. Digital Possibilities for Writing About Writing Pedagogies.” Conference on College Composition and Communication. Labor Caucus Panel. Kansas City, MO, March 2018. 
  17. Reflecting Rhetoric: World Hijab Day and the Extensions of Rhetorical Performance and  Community Literacy.” Conference on College Composition and Communication. Portland, OR, April 2017. 
  18. Unheard Complaints: Negotiating Spaces of Students' Perceptions of the Disabled Professional Writing Instructor. Association for Business Communication. Albuquerque, NM. Oct. 2016. 
  19. Creating Codes of Ethics/Conducts Statements. My Favorite Assignment Presentation. Association for Business Communication. Albuquerque, NM. Oct. 2016. 
  20. Where Business Majors Fear to Tread: Writing About Writing, Difference, and   Inclusion in a WID Course.” International Writing Across the Curriculum.  Ann Arbor, MI. June 2016. 
  21. The Echoes of Graduate Instruction: Tracing Rhetorical Power from a Rural Sphere. Rhetoric Society of America. Atlanta, GA, May 2016. 
  22. Can Writing About Writing Aid STEM Majors?: A Look at Genre Theory, Threshold Concepts, and the FYC Classroom. Conference on College Composition and Communication. Houston, TX, April 2016.  
  23. Sustainable Audiences/Renewable Products: Penn State’s Sustainability Project, Technical and Professional Writing, and Community Outreach.” Poster Presentation for Writing Democracy Workshop. Conference on College Composition and Communication. Houston, TX, April 2016.
  24. Beyond the Digital Professional Presence: Teaching Writing for and about Facebook in Business/Professional Writing Courses.” Association for Business Communication Conference. Seattle, WA, October 2015. 
  25. “Disruptions, Pauses, and Restarts: How Feminist Historiography Can Blur the  Lines between Rural and Urban in the History of Composition and Rhetoric. Midwestern Conference on Literature, Language, and Media. DeKalb, IL, March 2015.  
  26. Articulating Risk: Overcoming Writing About Writing’s Monolingual Bias in a   Korean Immersion Program. Conference on College Composition and        Communication. Tampa, FL. March 2015. 
  27. Converging Histories: The Need for Researching Rural Technical    Communication Programs and Writing Programs (1970-1990).     Convergences Composition Conference, University of Central Arkansas/University of Arkansas Little Rock. Conway, AR. March 2015. 
  28. 15 Years Of Feedback And Second Language Writing: What The Past Can Say About The Future. South Central Modern Language Association. Austin, TX. November 2014.
  29.  Connecting Irving to the Other: Using Tales of the Alhambra and Mahomet and His Successors as Cultural Analytics. American Literature Association. Washington Irving Society. Washington D.C. May 2014.  
  30. Quantum Echoes: How the Archives, Interdisciplinary Composition, and a Forward Thinking Professor Reshaped Graduate Level Writing. Conference on College Composition and Communication. Indianapolis, IN. April 2014.
  31. I Forgot The Title Of This Paper: Working Memory In 20th Century Linguistics.South Central Modern Language Association. New Orleans, LA. November 2013.
  32. Resisting the Singular, Acting Plural: Incorporating Dynamic Theoretical Approaches to the Composition Classroom. Conference on College Composition and Communication. Research Network Forum. Las Vegas,NV. April 2013. 
  33. Directed and Undirected Resolution in Absurd and Nonsensical Humor. Third  North East Texas Humor Research Conference. Dallas, TX. Feb. 2013. 
  34. Making Western Conceits Public: Bridging Intercultural Writing, Rhetoric, and   the International Student in the Composition Classroom.” Student Success in Writing Conference. Savannah, GA. Feb. 2013.  
  35. The Function of Stance Markers in the Workplace: Comparison of Two Workplace Corpora in New Zealand and the United States. American     Association of Applied Linguistics. Dallas, TX. April 2013. 
  36. Seoul Searching:Transitioning Basic Writers within the TAMU-Commerce/Konkuk University Frontiers Project.” TAMU-C Conference on  Globalization and the Humanities. Commerce, TX. November 2012. 
  37. Permeable Boundaries: Rhetoric and Resistance in Emerson's 'The Lord's Supper' Speech. South Central Modern Language Association. San Antonio, TX. November 2012.
  38. Those That Came Before: Reviving Sarah Egerton’s 17th Century Polemic The    Female Advocate.” Federation of Rhetoric   Symposium, Women and Rhetoric: Influence, Inspiration, Inclusion. Denton, TX. April 2012. 
  39. In (Lip) Service to Diversity: Preparing Graduate Students for the Community College Classroom. Conference on College Composition and   Communication. Research Network Forum. St. Louis, MO. April 2012. 
  40. Irving's Ghishawah: Religious Blindness, Translation, and Ideology in Washington Irving's Mahomet and His Successors. 9th Annual Texas A&M  University Pathways Symposium. College Station, TX. November 2011.
  41. Toxic Discourse: The Summoner’s Tale and the Disfigured Soul.” Midwestern Conference on Language, Literature, and Media. DeKalb, IL. March 2011.
  42. Defying the Self: Episolarity, Confidence, Gendered Action in Samuel Richardon’s Pamela. South Central Society for Eighteenth-Century Studies. Salt Lake City, Utah. February 2010.
  43. Place as Authenticity: An Examination of the Sentimental Locus in Samuel Richardson’s Clarissa.” Southeastern Society for Eighteenth-Century  Studies. Johnson City, TN. February 2010. 
  44. Homo Compositius: Towards a Systemic Governance of Environment in  Technical Writing. Louisiana Association for College Composition. Monroe, LA. November 2009.
  45. The Agonistic Relationship between Developmental English and the University: Need, Structure, and Resistance. Arkansas Philological Association. Eureka Springs, AR. October 2009.
  46. Vitalism, Philology, and Spatial Dynamics: How Composition is Informed by  Complexity.” Louisiana Association of College Composition. Alexandria, LA. November 2008.
  47. Uncomfortable Silence: Race and Rhetoric in the Freshman Composition Classroom. Louisiana Council of Teachers of English. Baton Rouge, LA.   October 2008.
  48. Accessing the Classroom: Composing the Modern University by Locating the Material Culture of Students. Conference on College Composition and Communications. Research Network Forum. San Francisco, CA. March 2005. 
  49. What Do You Mean By That? Pedagogy, Online Discourse, and Hermeneutics. South Atlantic Modern Language Association. Roanoke, VA. November    2004.
  50. Modern Serfdom and the Present Student: A Pedagogical Look at Consumer Culture and the Myth of Difference. Pop Culture Association of the South. New Orleans, LA. October 2004.
  51. Bloggin’ Molly. Conference on College Composition and Communications. Research Network Forum. San Antonio, TX. March 2004.   
  52. Vacancy and Visual Literacy: A Study of T.S. Eliot and Edvard Munch.  Northwestern State University. Sigma Tau Delta Graduate Conference. Natchitoches, LA. December 2003. 


Courses Taught at Midwestern State University


  • ENGL 1143: Academic Writing & Research
  • ENGL 2203: Introduction to Professional Writing
  • ENGL 2113: Intermediate Composition and Grammar
  • ENGL 2223: Professional Writing for Business (online and face-to-face)
  • ENGL 3505: Advanced Grammar
  • ENGL 3513: Technical Writing


  • ENGL 4523/5523: Introduction to Linguistics (online)
  • ENGL 4503/5503: Technical and Professional Editing (online)

Courses Taught at Western Michigan University

  • BCM 3700: Business Communications


Courses Taught at Pennsylvania State University—University Park

  • ENG 202D: Business Writing
  • ENG 202D: Business Writing (In partnership with the Penn State Student Farm Initiative)(SP16)
  • ENG 202D: Business Writing for International Students (pilot section)


Courses Taught at Arkansas State University


  • ENGL 1003: Composition and Rhetoric I
  • ENGL 1013: Composition and Rhetoric II
  • ENGL 3013: Practical Writing (WID for Social Work majors)
  • ENGL 3043: Technical Writing



  • ENG 5711: Preceptorship in Writing Studies


Texas A&M University Commerce

  • ENG 1301: College Reading and Writing
  • ENG 1301/100: College Reading and Writing w/ Lab Section (Korean Immersion Program)
  • ENG 1301/100: College Reading and Writing w/ Lab Section (Co-Requisite)


Louisiana State University Alexandria

  • ENGL 0092: Developmental Writing
  • ENGL 1001: Rhetoric and Composition I
  • ENGL 1002: Rhetoric and Composition II
  • ENGL 2002: Professional Writing (online and face-to-face)
  • ENGL 2052: Introduction to Fiction
  • ENGL 3002: Technical Writing (online and face-to-face)


Northwestern State University

  • ENGL 0920: Developmental English
  • ENGL 2060: American Literature Survey


Northern Illinois University

  • ARTH 291: Art History Survey I: ca. to 1400
  • ARTH 292: Art History Survey II: 1400—Present


Midwestern State University

  • English Education/Adolescent Literature Search Committee, Chair, 2021-22
  • Technical Writing Search Committee, member, 2021-22
  • Curriculum Committee, Chair, 2020—
  • Composition Committee, 2017—
  • Online Teaching Committee, 2020—
  • Composition Search Committee, 2019-2020



Midwestern State University

  • Retention Taskforce, 2021-2022
  • EAB Committee, 2020—
  • 504/ADA Grievance Committee, 2019—
  • Student Allocations Committee, 2019—
  • College Research Committee, 2019-2021
  • Publications Board, 2018-2020
  • American Democracy Project, 2018-2020


In-service: Dillard College of Business, “Current and Future Directions of                   Business Communication in the Classroom.” 11/16/2018.

Liaison: Dillard College of Business Administration


Pennsylvania State University

  • Program on Writing and Rhetoric Seminar: Working with International    Undergraduates
  • Created a standalone section of ENGL 202D: Business Writing for international students


Arkansas State University

English and Philosophy Department Service

  • Reviewer: MA Exam Reading List in Composition and Rhetoric
  • Co-Faculty Sponsor of Sigma Tau Delta (w/ Drs. Kristi Costello & Kate Kreuger)
  • ESL Liaison for the English Department
  • In-service Presentations for astAte’s Composition Boot Camp:
  • “Peer Review Best Practices,”
  • "Discourse Analysis,”
  • “Writing About Writing Curricular Integration”
  • Faculty Mentor: Leslie Malland (2014-2015, ENGL 1003)
  • Technical Writing Committee
  • Composition Committee
  • Freshman Textbook Selection Committee


Arkansas State University Service

  • ESL and Business Writing Presentation for the Department of Business: Co-presenter (w/ Dr. Kristi Costello)
  • ESL Portfolio Reviewer for Entering MBA Students
  • ITTC Faculty Seminar Speaker: “Entering New Beneficial Spaces: Working with  International Students.” Feb. 2015

Texas A&M University Commerce

  • English Graduates for Academic Development, Vice-President 2011-2012
  • JUNTO Member, 2011-2014
  • AVID Committee Member, 2012
  • Writer, ENG 1301 “Writing Assignments Explanation” Video, 2012
  • Judge, Celebration of Student Writing, 2013        


Louisiana State University Alexandria

  • QEP Committee for Arts, English, and Humanities 2008-2009
  • Advisor for the student newspaper, The Sentry 2008-2009
  • Developmental Writing Committee Fall 2008-2010
  • English Department Writing Task Force 2008-2010
  • Dual Enrollment Program 2008-2010; 2012-2013
  • Writing Competency Trainer, Department of Education 2008-2010
  • Internet Technology Advisory Committee member 2009-2010
  • Continuing Education Committee member 2009-2010
  • Continuing Education Hiring Committee member 2009-2010
  • General Education Committee member 2008-2009


Northwestern State University

  • Writing Competency Reviewer 2003-2005
  • FYC Textbook Adoption Committee 2003-2004
  • Graduate Student Representative, Student Government Association 2003



Rhetoric Society of America

  • Digital Communications Officer, 2020—2024
  • Social Media Director: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn
  • RSA Remote
  • webmaster
  • Archivist Search Committee, 2021-2022
  • 2023 Rhetoric Society Biennial Institute Planning Committee
  • 2021 Rhetoric Society Biennial Institute Planning Committee
  • Planning, working with virtual conference hosting, social media     promotion, etc.
  • Archives Committee, 2020—2022


Conference on College Composition and Communications

  • 2023 Technical and Professional Writing Best Dissertation Award Selection Committee, 2022-2023
  • 2022 CCCC Stages 1 and 2 Reviewer, 2021
  • 2021 CCCC Stages 1 and 2 Reviewer, 2020
  • 2020 CCCC James Berlin Dissertation Award Selection Committee, 2019-2020
  • Research Network Forum, Executive Board Member, 2017-2018
  • CCCC Stage 1 Proposal Reviewer, 2017-2020
  • Technical and Scientific Communication Awards Selection Committee, 2018-     2019
  • Best of the Journals in Rhetoric and Composition 2017-2018 Committee, 2017-   2018
  • Disability Travel Award Committee, 2017-2018
  • CCCC@SJSU proposal reviewer, 2017
  • Roundtable Leader, Research Network Forum: 2015—
  • Newcomers Booth Volunteer: 2015-2018
  • Session Chair: 2014-2018
  • CCCC Local Committee Volunteer: 2016, 2017


Disabilities Standing Group (CCCC)

  • Member, 2016—
  • Mentor, 2017—
  •          Mentored Manako Yabe through transition from PhD to job market, 2017-2019


Writing About Writing Standing Group (CCCC)

  • Webmaster team, 2016—
  •          Updates website and maintains listserv.
  • At-large member, 2015-2016


Labor Caucus (CCCC)

  • Secretary, 2021—2023
  • Steering Committee, 2018-2021
  • At-large member, 2015-2017


Workplace Writing ABC/CCCC Joint Special Interest Group

  • Founding member, 2018—
  • Co-chair, 2018—
  • Listserv and Web Admin, 2018—


Council for Writing Program Administrators

  • Newcomers Committee member, 2015-2018


Council for Technical Professional and Scientific Communication

  • White Paper Committee member, 2017—
  • Outcomes Project member, 2017—
  • Assessment Committee member, 2017—


Association for Business Communication

  • Teaching Committee Member, 2015—
  • Teaching with Technology Committee, 2017-2019
  • Pearson Teaching with Technology Award Committee, 2017-2018
  • Chair of ABC Marketing Committee’s CCCC Special Interest Group, 2018—
  •          ABC Conference Proposal Reviewer, 2017—


Journal Editorial Staff and Peer Reviews

  • Chapter Reviewer, TPC Book Series, University of Colorado Press, 2020—
  • Article Reviewer, IEEE Transactions, 2020—
  • Article Reviewer, Rhetoric of Health & Medicine, 2020—
  • English Coordinator, E-JournaALL, EuroAmerican e-Journal of Applied     Linguistics and Languages, 2018—                                              
  • English Language Reviewer, 2013-2018
  • Book Review Editor for English, E-JournALL, 2014—
  • Article Reviewer, Association of Business Communication Western Bulletin, 2019—
  • Article Reviewer, Prompt: A Journal of Academic Writing Assignments, 2018—
  • Article Reviewer, Social Inclusion, 2018—
  • Article Reviewer, The CEA Forum, 2018—


South Central Modern Language Association

  • Chair, “American Dialect Society,” 2014-2015
  • Chair, “Rhetoric and Composition,” 2014 SCMLA Conference, Austin, TX
  • Secretary, “General Linguistics,” 2014—2015
  • Secretary, “Rhetoric and Composition,” 2013 SCMLA Conference, New Orleans, LA



  • Session Chair, “Profession,” North East Texas Humor Research Conference, 2013. Dallas, TX.
  • Executive Council Member, Louisiana Council of Teachers of English, 2008        -2010.
  • Executive Council Member, Louisiana Association of College Composition, 2008.
  • Solicitations Editor, Louisiana English Journal, 2009-2010.


Professional Memberships

  • Association for Business Communication
  • National Council of Teachers of English
  • Council of Writing Program Administration
  • Council for Programs in Technical and Scientific Communication
  • College Composition and Communications
  • Rhetoric Society of America
  • South Central Modern Language Association
  • Association of Teachers of Technical Writing