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Dr. Jan W. Brink

(940) 397 4536
Associate Professor
Institution Degree Graduation Date
University of Texas in Arlington Ph.D. in Industrial Engineering 1998
TX Tech University M.S. Industrial Engineering 1985
TX Tech University B.S. Industrial Engineering 1983
Employer Position Start Date End Date
Midwestern State University Assistant Professor 06/02/1989 05/10/2004
Midwestern State University Instructor 06/01/1985 06/01/1989
Midwestern State University Associate Professor

I updated a PLC manual for the next upcoming Fall semester (Fall 2014).


I made improvements in the Fluid Power Lab Manual and added several new labs (Summer 2014).


I worked on an UGROW project summer 2014 together with the student Daniel Goodey and Mr. Mark Weller on

 the project “Steel identification  using the spark impacts on a ceramic substrate using a thermal imaging camera

and other identification methods"..

J. Brink, D. McDonald, "Work Sampling of an Engineering professor during Regular Contract Periods", College student Journal accepted for publication in the September 2011 issue.


I worked together with five students and Dr. Guo on a Robotics Peck Drilling application (Fall 2013 and Spring 2014). Students of this group presented at the NTASC conference at MSU, one student presented at the TAS conference in Galveston, and they all presented a poster at the second Undergraduate Research and Activity Forum.

The “Electric Circuits Lab Book” got published for the Electric Circuits class by XanEdu . It got used in the Summer I session of 2014. It was published together with Dania Wilson, Chard Davis, Tarebi John and Ryian Williams

Materials Science Lab Manual MENG 3114 by Dr. Salim Azzouz, Dr. Jan Brink and Mr. Mark Weller, June 20, 2011, McCoy School of Engineering, Midwestern State University, XanEdu Publishing, Inc., Ann Arbor, Michigan.


The Article “Material determination using spark observation” by Tyler Dalke, Jan Brink & Mark Weller was published in the Global Journal of Engineering Education WIETE 2013, Volume 15, Number 3, 2013.

J. Brink, S. Azzouz, D. McDonald, S. Wang, I. Azouz, "An Interdisciplinary Engineering Education Model", Gulf Southwest Conference, Houston Texas, 2011.


 We are currently (summer 2014) submitting this article to for the Journal of Higher Education Policy

and Management  and we are hoping to get this manuscript approved for publication. The title will be

“Work Sampling of University Academics in STEM Departments With and Without a Graduate

Programme”, by Dr. M. Shipley, Dr. J. Masuoka, Dr. D.McDonald, Dr. J. Brink

J. Brink and D. McDonald, "Work Sampling of a Professor during Off Contract Periods", College Student Journal, accepted for publication in the September 2011 issue.


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